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I am Pastor Gilbert overseeing Refresh Community Church Uganda. I am married to Adias and we have a baby boy Dylan.

Through our Outreach Ministry over the radio, we birthed a House Church (Refresh Community House Church) in 2021. This was started with an intention to serve the vulnerable communities that were filled with widows, orphans, prostitutes, drunkards and witchcraft. In doing so, Refresh Community Church was started which lead many souls to Christ. Refresh Community Church Uganda provides street children, widows, orphans, single mothers and the vulnerable and hungry communities with the gospel, food relief, school fees and requirements for children.

We always gather in the House Church and listen to the online services with the USA Refresh Community Church.

We do door to door evangelism, radio programs, leadership trainings, conferences, charity outreaches and in doing so we have been able to win many to Christ.

We have blessed our community with bibles and mass baptisms.

With our community outreaches, we have seen our community transform spiritually, physically and emotionally.

This year, we intend to grow more deep in our community and reach out to orphans, vulnerable children, and those hungry souls in need of Christ.

We will also be taking our children back to school, build a temporary church (Refresh Community Church Uganda), and many other church programmes.

Gather – Grow – Go

-Pastor Gilbert